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Re: [IP] PEDIATRIC INSERTS , maybe 6mm Rapid Disetronic inset ?



>I understand that the Disetronic Rapid infusion set is now becoming
>available in 6mm penetration-length in the US. I can find it in
>the Swiss (.ch) or .com , but not the disetronic-usa.com websites
>8mm is the shortest shown for US now, but I thought I did hear 6mm
>would "soon" (hopefully by now=July 22 1999 !) be available here.
I've been using the Disetronic 6 mm Rapids for about 6 months now. They're 
readily available, but D's site doesn't have them listed. They're available 
directly from Disetronic, as well as most of the supply houses.

Now we're waiting for the "Disconnect" flavor of the 6 mm Rapid <g>

Bob Burnett

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