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Re: [IP] New on pump

> I 'm feeling like the insulin is 
>kicking in earlier than the food, even at breakfast where I generally eat 
>TOTAL cereal and a banana. I take Humalog and take it right before I eat. Any 
>helpful comments will be appreciated.


I used to have this problem too.  I would go low while still eating the meal. 
Humalog is FAST for me.  I was able to solve the problem by mixing a little
Velosulin (regular) in with the Humalog to blunt its action.  I learned about
it from people on this list.  It took me a few months to talk my endo into it,
but he finally agreed.  Because of my success, he has recommended it to some of
his other patients.

I'm currently using a mix of 4 parts Humalog and 1 part Velosulin.  It has made
a world of difference.  The lows I used to get on straight H were horrendous.  

Mary Jean

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