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Re: [IP] PEDIATRIC INSERTS , maybe 6mm Rapid Disetronic inset ?

>someone mentioned Disetronic making a pediatric insert. It was to be 
>available to reps. in July and the public in August.
Judy and Penny, and all IP :
for both the 6yr old and the athletic,
I wasn't the "previous poster", and I am guessing that your title
of "pediatric insert" means you are looking for a shallow-penetration
infusion set.

I understand that the Disetronic Rapid infusion set is now becoming
available in 6mm penetration-length in the US. I can find it in
the Swiss (.ch) or .com , but not the disetronic-usa.com websites
8mm is the shortest shown for US now, but I thought I did hear 6mm
would "soon" (hopefully by now=July 22 1999 !) be available here.

This means telephone them 800-280-7801 on Friday morning to ask.
And you might have to ask your area Disetronic rep too for
advance availability.

I've used the 8mm, thinner people (like your children)
could use either the 6mm version of this,
or a shallower insertion angle of the
Disetronic Tender/MiniMed Silhouette/Pureline Comfort
and with that, get disconnectability.
A disconnectable Disetronic Rapid is German, but nowhere else yet
available (USA FDA slows things down, remember).

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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