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Re: [IP] New Insulin called Largine?

>Diabetes Interview
>July 1999
>Issue 84; Vol. 8 No. 7
>page 17, lower-left quarter of page
>heading: Open 24 Hours
>         Once-Per-Day Basal Insulin Submitted to FDA
>paraphrasing opening paragraphs:
>  One shot per day of long-acting insulin ... if U.S. FDA approves
>Hoechst's insulin glargine, a 24-hour basal insulin.
>  Hoechst submitted a new drug application in the United States
>and Europe during May.

Thanks for that David.

Glargine... a snappy little name :(

I hear that Novo's new lispro insulin NovoRapid is due to be launched in
London on 21 September. It's like Humalog, but it's not Humalog. I've no
idea when it's due to be launched in the US. Pumpers who have absorbancy or
allergic problems with Humalog should certainly try NovoRapid.

This NN304 insulin I mentioned is certainly in Phase 2 trials. Soluble
long-acting that distributes itself around the body using a bit of albumin
stuck on the insulin molecule. There's a press release at

John Neale

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