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Re: [IP] RE: what supplies to send to camp

> He won't be able to make a full
> week on one syringe, so can I prefill a syringe, send it along with
> him, and have the insulin remain at full strength? 

sure, insulin stores just fine in the syringe. Put the cap back on 
the syringe and store it in the same manner you would store the vial.

> Secondly, is
> there anything I can say to the camp doctor so that he/she doesn't
> change Peter's basal rates? Last year when we picked him up, the
> staff had dropped his amount of daily insulin by one-fourth (could
> not see one indication of the reason to do this from the blood sugar
> record sheet), and his blood sugar was at 400.
Well..... you could tell them that if they mess with his basal rate 
you will personally knock their heads together. Is your husband 
> Update from last week: I had posted about which time spans to
> decrease Peter's basal rate to keep his blood sugars from dropping
> through the night. I had to drop him 0.2 units from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.
> to keep him level through the night. However, it seems to have been
> a phase his body was going through, and lately he's been too high in
> the morning.
You should expect this kind of change for kids. when they hit a 
growth spurt you may see basal requirement changes as much as 50% in 
the period of a few days quickly followed in a week or two or three 
by another change to a lower rate. That's been my experience with 
Lily. Recently she seems to have stabalized, but she is now almost 
full grown.
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