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Re: [IP] New pump mom needs help

This is a definite problem, I find that when I sweat the tape and tubing all 
come loose. IV3000 works, but if you sweat alot, then count on it coming 
away from your skin, so when I know I will be sweating I use Skin Prep and 
that seems to hold.

As for Air bubbles in your reservior....let your insulin come to room temp 
first. I usually just leave the current bottle I am using out in a zip-lock 
bag in the kitchen to keep it always at room temp, which will last for 30 
days and is plenty of time for me to use up the vial of insulin.

>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] New pump mom needs help
>Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 11:38:32 -0800
> > Hi..... 10 yr old daughter pumping for three weeks now.  We are
> > having trouble getting the infusion set tape to stick longer than a
> > day and a half.  We use alcohol, germ soap, skin prep and duoderm
> > patch.  Works okay for awhile then is barely hanging on.
>This is a common problem for lots of people and is not unique to kids.
>You did not say what kind of infusion set you are using.
>There are a number of solutions. I will list them all, you choose the
>subset that works for you.
>IV3000 is a nice tape, hypoallergenic, etc.... but it does not stick
>very well. Try Kendall Polyskin II or Tegaderm
>Skin Prep:
>Smith and Nephew "Skin Prep" (not IV Prep). Puts down a thin tacky
>barrier on the skin that improves adhesion and protects the skin if
>you happen to be allergic to the tape adhesive.
>If you want SERIOUS stickyness, there is some stuff I refer to as
>"gorilla snot" for skin. It's used by athletes to make tape adhere to
>legs, etc... when they need to "tape up". It is called tincture of
>benzoin and it really makes things stick. Don't use it if you are
>allergic to iodine.
>With sofsets, you can put a base layer of tape down first before doing
>the insertion, that will help things stick better, usually over some
>skin prep.
>Apply a clear unscented anti-persperant and let it dry prior to
>prepping the site. This will inhibit sweating under the tape.
> > Have had
> > only 1 set last the full three days.  Saw earlier post suggesting
> > skin-tac and will look into that, just looking for other
> > suggestions.  Also getting big air bubbles in tubing when we were
> > sure the reservior was air free.  Our endo said they may be created
> > from wide temperature swings; playing outside in heat then coming in
> > to air conditioning, agree?
>Naw --- try letting the vial of insulin come to room temperature
>before filling the syringe. That will remove a lot of the dissolved
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