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Subject: [IP] New pump mom needs help

Hi from another mom of a 10 year old pumper!  3 weeks was when we turned the
corner from all kinds of problems pumping to solutions!  It gets better.
Skin tac is good.  We use IV prep-3000.  Lots of active kids have trouble
with Soft-sets staying in .... the suggestion to try Silouettes is a good
one, too.

As for bubbles, once the insulin is at room temperature, and the insulin is
sealed from the air in the cartridge and tubing, air can't get into the
insulin.  Sit your insulin out the night before you load up a syringe.
Then, load 2 or 3 at a time.   Tap, tap, tap with a table knife or something
with a little heft until all the air is out.  Cap cartridges after you push
the air out, and you can put the ones you don't need yet back into the
fridge - and they'll stay good and air-free until you need them.

Please feel free to write privately.
Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna

<<Hi..... 10 yr old daughter pumping for three weeks now.  We are having
trouble getting the infusion set tape to stick longer than a day and a half.
We use alcohol, germ soap, skin prep and duoderm patch.  Works okay for
awhile then is barely hanging on.  Have had only 1 set last the full three
days.  Saw earlier post suggesting skin-tac and will look into that, just
looking for other suggestions.  Also getting big air bubbles in tubing when
we were sure the reservior was air free.  Our endo said they may be created
from wide temperature swings; playing outside in heat then coming in to air
conditioning, agree? >>

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