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Re: [IP] Birthday Parties

At 01:51 AM 7/20/1999  Jane B Reese wrote:
>Hi -
>I hate to say it, but I think you will regret this later on.  I have had
>diabetes for 35 years, and the peoole who don't stick to their diets always
>die sooner.  Had lucnh with friends of a diabetic sister of mine on
>Saturday, and they said we wish she would have stuck to her diet!  i've
>never eaten cake with frosting or brownies.  So am I missing anything?  Only
>loosing a foot or a kidney!  Don't DO it!!!!!!!!!

The thing that causes complications (as far as I know) is allowing your 
BG's to run too high over a long period of time. Keeping your BGs in a 
reasonable range will reduce the rate of complications for most people. So, 
it's not what you eat, but how well you keep your BGs in check that counts.

You can eat dessert and if you cover the rise in BGs with the appropriate 
bolus then no harm will be done. In fact many of our members have better 
A1c's using a pump (as opposed to MDI), even after eating "forbidden" 
foods, assuming that they have their basals tuned correctly and they bolus 
appropriately. From what I understand, there is nothing in desserts per se 
that causes diabetic complications, as long as you compensate for the added 
carbs that they contain.

(just my 3 cents worth)

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