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[IP] good stuff

I am happy.  Just needed to share that... This morning, I woke up at 126,
did a killer kickboxing class, walked a mile, lifted some weights.
I bolused 2 units when I finished, because I have learned that is what I
Ate a powerbar and some coffee for breakfast and bolused accordingly. 

Usually I'd test fairly soon after the small breakfast because I am so
But now that I have finally gotten "it" down, I was okay.  I just tested,
pre-lunch, and am 86.  How cool is that???

I feel like I can do anything now exercise wise.  I know how to handle it
if I start high or a little on the low side, I know how to eat beforehand
and bolus correctly, I know when to temp basal vs disconnect... sigh,
life is gooooooood.


Approximately a month to go before I get good insurance too... smiles!
(I will no longer be under a crappy personal plan with an HMO that covers
no drugs/strips - I will be with BCBS with 80% drug/supply coverage!!!!
It came with my fellowship... another "how cool is that?")

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