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Re: [IP]Birthday Parties - diet yes, diet no

I've been diabetic for 36 years, since the age of three.  I doubt as a kid that
my blood sugars were stable but we didn't have the equipment at the time to
determine that, got to try to hit the spoon! :-)  Anyway, my parents kept me on
a strict diet.  I got to have Vanilla ice-cream once a week.  Boy did I love
Dairy Queen.  I snuck sweets alllll the time.  Got grounded many a time when I
got busted or tattled on by my brother.  When I was 19 I finally began turning
things around, exercising, eating right, etc..  When I was about 26 I met
another diabetic woman.  Diagnosed at the same age, had it the same time, took
care of herself her entire life.  Well here she stood nearly blind, lost parts
of her feet, had kidney problems, and nerve problems.  Here I stood complication
free.  Here I sit 13 years later with few complications.  Granted I've been on
Intensified Therapy since I was about 24, but still I hope you see my point
here.  It truly is a YMMV thing.

Part of me does agree with what Jane said.  I am fortunate that I don't have any
major cravings for sweets etc.  Yes, I am only human and from time to time I
indulge.  But, bottom line that stuff is not good for anyone, so why add one
more variable to an already complex disease.  In addition that stuff hits your
system so fast that one gets those varying blood sugars, which is not good.  I
get frustrated with this list at times when people "encourage" others to go for
the "good" food.  It's so different for each of us and I think it is crucial to
express that, especially for those that are new to this.  For me just because I
am on the pump doesn't give me a licensee to eat whatever.  I also pay dearly if
I indulge so it's not worth it to me.  But, bottom line, for whatever reason, we
all react definitely to various foods.  We need to find what works best for
ourselves, both emotionally and physically.

Am I angry that all I got was a once a week ice-cream and got grounded, no not
in the least.  I imagine it was much more difficult for my parents than it ever
was for me.

Thanks for listening to my two cents,

Bagwill Family wrote:

> I hate to say it, but I think you will regret this later on.  I have had
> > diabetes for 35 years, and the peoole who don't stick to their diets
> > always die sooner.
> <<<<<<<Here i must say its not the diet its the numbers that you have to
> watch if you don't stick to the diet and your numbers stay good
> then their is nothing to worry about...  just on the second hand  i
> have known those that have gone by the diet never swaying with
> perfect numbers only to have diabetes claim them or a leg/kidney/
> etc.>>>>>>>

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