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Re: [IP] Birthday Parties

In a message dated 7/21/99 11:31:37 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  i've
 never eaten cake with frosting or brownies.   >>

Hi Jane

Hey, whatever works for you. As for me, I figure that when a "normal" person 
eats, their pancreas automatically releases insulin to cover the food: I do 
it mechanically. Same outcome; different methods. I keep my numbers in range 
most of the time, have an A1c of 6.1, and still have treats. 

My favorite dietitian story is when I told mine I get "goodies" in the 
smallest size possible because I know when I open the package, I'll eat it 
all. Her response? "Or, you could share: 'You take *that* row of Oreos and 
I'll take *this* row of Oreos!' " 

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