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[IP] re: Birthday Parties

I hate to say it, but I think you will regret this later on.  I have had
> diabetes for 35 years, and the peoole who don't stick to their diets
> always die sooner.

<<<<<<<Here i must say its not the diet its the numbers that you have to
watch if you don't stick to the diet and your numbers stay good
then their is nothing to worry about...  just on the second hand  i
have known those that have gone by the diet never swaying with
perfect numbers only to have diabetes claim them or a leg/kidney/

I'm glad you are healthy Jane but this is definitely a YMMV situation.  I
agree with Brian that it is much more important to have good numbers than to
follow "the right diet"  A child is only a child once and as long as they
stay on top of their numbers there is no reason in the world they should not
be having occasional pieces of cake and other "non-diabetic" treats.  Part
of the purpose of the pump is to allow a person (no matter what age) to eat
whatever they wish as long as they cover the carbs.  New diabetics
especially need to know that numbers are much more important than "what"
they are eating.  It can be done.  I have been diabetic 23 years and on a
pump a little over a year and I have always had occasional treats and
covered for them whether on shots or the pump.  I am extremely lucky and
have no complications but I do have friends who never strayed off of their
"diabetic diet" and do have severe complications.  This is definitely YMMV.

Take care.


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