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Re: [IP] Birthday Parties

I think this is another case of YMMV.  It all depends on what you do when you 
eat cake, pb&j, etc.  If you cover it with insulin and keep blood sugars 
within range why not eat like a "normal" person?  I have been diabetic for 41 
years and have eaten cake, brownies, cookies, etc., and compensated for them 
with an appropriate dosage.  I can't say I've been perfect all these years, 
but I've given it the old college try.  I have been very fortunate and do not 
have complications.  I don't think you can attribute your lack of 
complications and the other person's plethora of complications to diet only!  
It's a whole lifestyle "thing" as well as the genes you were or were not 
blessed with. Dr. Joslin taught us many years ago that it was a three horse 
hitch--diet, exercise, and insulin.  It still applies.  For gosh sakes, Jane, 
go to a birthday party this week and enjoy a piece of cake with ice cream.  
You'll be glad you did.  Then you'll really know that all you did to prepare 
for your pump was worthwhile.  It's supposed to make life more fun, too!  Not 
just more healthy.  Take care and stay well.
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