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Re: [IP] Birthday Parties

> Hi -
> I hate to say it, but I think you will regret this later on.  I have had
> diabetes for 35 years, and the peoole who don't stick to their diets
> always die sooner. 

Here i must say its not the diet its the numbers that you have to 
watch if you don't stick to the diet and your numbers stay good 
then their is nothing to worry about...  just on the second hand  i 
have known those that have gone by the diet never swaying with 
perfect numbers only to have diabetes claim them or a leg/kidney/ 

I would have to say if you can do it with your numbers staying in 
the right range why not do it?

as always  YMMV..  complications don't only come to those with 
just higher numbers.

Brian Carter
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