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Re: [IP] New pump mom needs help

email @ redacted wrote:
 Also getting big air bubbles in tubing when
> we were sure the reservior was air free.  Our endo said they may be created
> from wide temperature swings; playing outside in heat then coming in to air
> conditioning, agree?

No, can't say I do agree. Thing is that air is not crearted in the insulin 
by change in temp, it had to be in it in a cold solution in the first place.
Do you prewarm the inulin bottle to about room temp before loading the syringe?
This has been found to release incidental air trapped in the insulin when
refrigerated so that it won't appear as bubbles when it warms up in the pump.

I always hold the bottle in my hand for  few minutes before loading the syringe
and don't get bubbles appearing later.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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