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Re: [IP] "Freedom" - now I get it

> I do hope I can get beyond these bs swings.  My RN trainer is
> revamping my basals and carb ratio  and units to bs points to bring
> down highs and treat lows better.  Last night 2 hrs after dinner I
> had a (432) bs.  My dinner consisted of 60 carb gms, with my ratio
> 20 grms to 1 unit, I bolused 3.0 insulin.  I have never had such a
> bs number before the pump.  
> I sure hope help from my RN trainer and endo are on the way today.
It is imperative that you learn the techniques of bg, basal, bolus 
management. While your diabetes team will help as much as they can, 
they will not be there every moment. The task may seem daunting at 
first, but KIDS do it. You can too. It just takes a little patience, 
study and perseverance

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