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Re: [IP] Re: menoopause and diabetes

Hormone flucuations really play havoc with my BGs..I don't get hot flashes
or other ssymptoms just a roller coaster ride with BGs..YMMV thing I guess..
email @ redacted

At 09:08 PM 7/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Dianne-
>Well the docs told me it wouldn't effect my diabetes much and in truth it
didn't - however just the emotional turbulence of menopause had it's
diabetic repurcussions (doesn't everything?)  Another diabetic friend said
menopause was hell on her diabetes (high BGs) so I'll be interested to see
what other pumpers have to share.
>Dianne (Also!!)
> ---- On Jul 21 email @ redacted wrote: 
>> I would like to know if other pumpers have any tips on getting through 
>> menopause and what is the suggested regime regarding hormone
supplements.  If 
>> you like, you can send me emails directly.  Thanks for all your help.
>> Dianne

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