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[IP] Hoechst Insulin Glargine FDA

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< Mon, 19 Jul 1999 21:14:20 -0400 (EDT) John Neale email @ redacted 
[IP] New Insulin called Largine? >
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[IP] Re: New Insulin called Largine?
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Wed, 21 Jul 1999 18:40:17 +0200
I may have mixed names and addresses of above previous correspondents,
if so, I'm sorry.

The ONE citation I've seen supporting the rumor of some kind of insulin with 
the syllables "largine" in its name is in a print-media
Some of us may be subscribers to the publisher's weekly email letter,
and this also should be findable on FDA.gov website, by those who have
the time to look ( like I don't have time to write this now!)

Diabetes Interview
July 1999
Issue 84; Vol. 8 No. 7
page 17, lower-left quarter of page
heading: Open 24 Hours
         Once-Per-Day Basal Insulin Submitted to FDA
paraphrasing opening paragraphs:
  One shot per day of long-acting insulin ... if U.S. FDA approves
Hoechst's insulin glargine, a 24-hour basal insulin.
  Hoechst submitted a new drug application in the United States
and Europe during May.

Article goes on to quote
John Buse, MD, PhD, CDE as director of
University of North Carolina's Diabetes Center,
where he conducted clinical trials of "insulin glargine" saying
of the subjects, most "not doing well on HPH or Ultralente",
"Patients loved it, ... They're upset that they cannot continue"

The Diabetes Interview website at Wed Jul 21 11:23:47 PDT 1999,
shows elements from a previous , not this current issue.

We (Insulin Pumpers) list a link to it of course at

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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