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Re: [IP] woops!

At 07:09 PM 7/20/1999  Jen Woodall wrote:
>hi all.
>before i start receiving hate mail and lectures about how to e-mail
>correctly, i want to let you all know that i just hit the send button by
>accident and sent the list a copy of part of a previous digest.  i
>apologize, it will never happen again, you can have my first born child
>as a peace offering, etc.

You can keep your first born. You aren't the first person to do this by any 
means. Fortunately, the resulting message is normally soooo long that it 
gets bounced by the system. The administrator on duty usually takes care of 
it so that it doesn't get posted here.

So, not to worry... all's right with the world (at least in IP-land).


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