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Re: [IP] supply venting

At 09:19 AM 7/21/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Michael wrote:
> > For several years I used an east coast mail order firm that was finally
> > aquired by some big outfit and became flaky. I've since switched to
> > MiniMed direct. That is another alternative, talk them into that (unless
> > your a D user).
>speaking of becoming flaky...Home Medical used to be GREAT until they were
>acquired by that big outfit Minimed...sigh.

Have you tried them recently?? I just ordered some supplies from them about 
a month ago and had absolutely no problems. Maybe I was just lucky... but, 
then again, maybe they've finally gotten their act together after the 
take-over. Sometimes the consolidation of two companies is pretty rough for 


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