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[IP] Re: Insulin and Karen

Ok, to further my last response...

So UL is refered to as the "Poor Man's Pump" because of the way it
acts.  So here is my observation/thread in my head:

In the "Pocket Pancreas" it says on page 7 that:
NPH Starts 1.5hours  Peaks 4-12h   Ends 22h
UL  Starts 4.0hours  Peaks 10-20h  Ends 30h

So if someone were to go cold from NPH to UL wouldn't that following
happen?  First you would go high within two hours after taking it
since the NPH usually starts at 1.5h, and you would go high at 4-12h
since the NPH is usually peaking and the UL is only starting.  However
after compensating for all this with short acting insulin you would 
start to go low at 10-20h?  Plus the extra tail could cause some
problems.  When I added a lunch time shot to my regimin the doctor
told me he wanted me to also reduce my NPH to nothing in the morning and
the lunch shot instead.  He told me to cut 4u NPH from morning shot
add 4u H at lunch (sort of...changed a lot since then), and see how
it went.  After I figured out the change, take 4 more u off NPH and
add during day as needed the H.  This seemed to be a little rocky
but a lot more smooth then just cutting the NPH out all together
at once.  So logically wouldn't the NPH to UL be similar.  Take the
H or R and NPH and UL and slowly wein off the NPH and add to the UL?
I would think by going cold to UL you would have a big rollarcoaster

Sorry, its the mathemitician in me doing the logic...

-- Sherry
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