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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin and Karen

In a message dated 7/21/99 8:25:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< to use UL?  I am not as familiar with it since I have been using
 NPH for all my 19 diabetic years.  However, my understanding is 
 that it takes a long time to peak and a long time to leave your 
 system.  Is the advantage that the peak is less severe then with
 NPH and the doctor feels this will immitate a basal rate?  Just
 curious, and I am probably asking the wrong crowd about it. :)
 Hee hee hee.  Oh well.
I went on UL after using the pump back in 1985-1987.  I tried the pump using 
the Betatron 4 which had a lot of mechanical problems.  So after two years I 
finally decided that it wasn't working. When I needed to go on back to Long 
Acting insulin we needed something that would help overcome my strong dawn 
that occurred each morning.  UL was nicknamed the poor mans pump because of 
its ability to somewhat mimic a basal rate that the pump does.  That was 
probably the reason for the switch Karen.  My endo felt that the change over 
for me from UL to the pump would be easier because of what we already knew 
about my ability to react to a constant rate or basal rate of insulin.  I 
think you should talk to your doctor honestly and give her a chance in seeing 
how UL will work for you.  It doesnt mean that she isnt considering a pump 
but to me trying to find out how diligent you are and how she can work with 
you.  I have a much different relationship now with my endo then I did 
prepump.  It looks bad if you are lying to her be upfront and maybe even make 
the change.  Give her a chance to show her expertise especially if you feel 
you can trust her.  And be upfront about everything that happens don't just 
send blood sugars but notes on what is going on in your life. 

Good luck

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