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[IP] Re: New Insulin called Largine?

> Spoke with my endocrinologist today and he mentioned a new insulin called
> Largine (no idea how it's spelled or whether it's a brand name) that has
>a square
> wave effect.  As many of you know I will probably have to give up my pump
> eventually (I keep thinking of Sara's words in a recent post "pulling the
>pump from
> her dead hands" - [something like that anyway]) due to an inability to secure
> anymore pump supplies, and I think that's why the doc mentioned it to me.
>He said
> something about 'dropping' a couple of the amino acids- I'm clueless here
>folks and
> I can't imagine using anything like that in a pump, or why one would want
>to.  Now
> MDI people might benefit if they had pizza for dinner, but ...  You know
> about this?  Sounds like we've got a bevy of new insulins becoming available.

I've not heard of it, Dianne. It wasn't margarine was it?

The search for a reliable square-wave insulin goes on. NPH and Ultralente
are generally reckoned to be the very weak links in the MDI chain. The
soluble long-acting NN304 I mentioned in an earlier post is still on the
drawing board. If there's something else nearer the market place, I'd love
to know...


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