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[IP] My Pump Arrived!

Paulette wrote:

> Congratulations on receiving your pump.....You always should have at 
> least 1 needle, humulog insulin, batteries, soft set, alcohol wipes and 
> insulin reservoir with you no matter where you go.....You never  know 
> when thos batteries will start running low.  

I agree with Paulette about always having a needle, some insulin and your 
meter with you, but while the other stuff may be what Paulette PERSONALLY 
needs, it is not always what YOU may need.  I never carry batteries around 
unless I am going to be away from home for more than 4 days.  Once you get 
that LO BATTERY signal, you have about 10% of your battery life left...if 
your batteries typically last 10 weeks, then you have at least 5 or 6 days 
before they implode or whatever it is they do...so why bother carrying them 
if you are just going shopping or the beach?

Also, not EVERYONE used Humalog, so when you post something like this, please 
remember that YMMV...If I don't use Humalog in my pump on a regular basis, 
why would I want to carry it around all the time?

I also don't think you need a spare reservoir and a site set unless you are 
going to be away from home a while!! If I was at Disneyland, and ripped my 
set out on Thunder Mountain, I might find it more convenient to just use that 
spare syringe or novopen to shoot up a couple of times, rather than try to 
get another set in me in a hot, sticky bathroom...of course, I DID do my very 
first "solo" set insertion at Disneyworld the day after I was released from 
the hospital after pump training, but had I not been comfortable with that, I 
could have easily gone to shots til I got back to the hotel...

Sara (whose pump just ADORES Thunder Mountain!)
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