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[IP] supply venting

Michael wrote:

> For several years I used an east coast mail order firm that was finally 
> aquired by some big outfit and became flaky. I've since switched to 
> MiniMed direct. That is another alternative, talk them into that (unless 
> your a D user).

speaking of becoming flaky...Home Medical used to be GREAT until they were 
acquired by that big outfit Minimed...sigh.

BUT, as to the other part of the post, why NOT use Minimed to order supplies 
if you are a D user?  The infusion sets are interchangeable...You can use the 
Minimed Silhouettes in a Disetronic, just as you can use a Disetronic tender 
in a Minimed.  Sure you might need D to get cartridges, but what else is 
there in the paraphernalia that is manufacturer specific?  We all use alcohol 
wipes, dex tabs, IV Prep and whatever else...Minimed just won't get you a D 
pump!  Just order from who ever gives you the best service and price...that 
is why this is AMERICA!!

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