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[IP] amazing way to lower BS...

O'kay here's the story....
     I was having symptoms of depression  so I asked my Doc. what I
could take to "help out"...He prescribed Celexa?!?!  It is supposedly
some new anti-depressant, a sister drug of Paxil.  Anyway, he made some
statement that my BS may improve...I didn't pay much attention...WELL,
my BS rarely goes over 120 since I've been on this medication!!!!!!  I'm
amazed!  Sometimes it drops A LOT during the night...but I'm thrilled!
I even had to lower my basals (the same basals I've been on for over a
year)!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even if you are NOT depressed, if you are having a
problem with control, ask your doc. about this CELEXA?!?!?!? (I sound
like a commercial!!)       -Tonya D.  =)

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