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[IP] Not such a tragedy

> Hi, my name is Gianna Marzilli.  I just turned 17 but I was also diagnosed
> at 16.  It was the biggest shock and worst news of my entire life.  I
> want to go on the pump. How is your minimed? Have you had any problems
> (alarms, etc.?? )  --Gianna

Gianna, I was diagnosed at age 10, 35 years ago, and can tell you that it
won't necessarily ruin your life. You may end up healthier than your friends
by eating more sensibly, exercising more, paying more attention to your
body. I've done everything I hoped to do with my life, and more, traveled
six continents, climbed (small) mountains, covered political conventions,
interviewed famous people, sailed, hiked, etc etc etc. There's nothing you
can't do; everyone on this list is a reminder of that.

I've been pumping only 6 weeks, but my Minimed is my new best friend. No
alarms. No discomfort. Yes, you must pay close attention and think hard to
figure out how it and your interact best, but trust me: After 35 years of
various arrangements of shots, this is MUCH BETTER!

Susan Ager
Detroit Free Press

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