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Re: [IP] "Freedom" - now I get it

I do hope I can get beyond these bs swings.  My RN trainer is revamping my 
basals and carb ratio  and units to bs points to bring down highs and treat 
lows better.  Last night 2 hrs after dinner I had a (432) bs.  My dinner 
consisted of 60 carb gms, with my ratio 20 grms to 1 unit, I bolused 3.0 
insulin.  I have never had such a bs number before the pump.  To bring down 
my high bs, I had to bolus more insulin than the pump allowed at one time so 
I had to do it twice.  It was based on 30 points to 1 unit = 10.4 units.  It 
came down to 103 in about an hour and forty-five minutes so I had my bedtime 
snack at 10:15pm, 15gms and bolused .07... My ratio is 20 car grams to one 
unit insulin.  I was so concerned that I would come up low during the night 
as I have in the past few nights that I set my clock for 1:00am.  I didn't 
have to wait that long, at 11:00pm I was at (78) which I treated with 15 carb 
grams and went to bed.  Good thing I set clock for 1:00 am (38) treated it 
with 15gms carb and at 1:15 (88) went back to sleep.  I then set my clock for 
3:00am (67) treated it with 15 gms carb and at 3:30 (88) .  I then set my 
clock for 5:00am (89).  Got up for the day at 6:45am at (135) using my 30pts 
to 1 unit I bolused .05 units.  At 8:30am (122) and I had a 60 carb gms 
brkfst.  I am so dam tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   They are considering having me 
suspend my pump after lunch to avoid lows then.  We also have to keep in mind 
that I come up high consistently two hours after brkfst.  Brkfst, lunch and 
dinner always consist of 60 carb grams.  I have dropped my afternoon snack 
and bolus and rather treat lows if necessary.  

I sure hope help from my RN trainer and endo are on the way today.

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