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Re: [IP] BS & Insulin Question

I can certainly relate to your problems with your current doctor.  One thing I'd want to know is how long you've been using insulin and how comfortable you feel in answering your own questions about your diabetes.  If you're a 'newbie'- say under 5 years you're probably going to have to level with your endo (who doesn't sound all that comfortable about YOUR ability to participate in caring for yourself.)  I'm having the same problems with my 81 year mom as you're having with your husband: she trusts the doctors more than my own knowledge of my own body (diabetic for 34 years!) and is always reading up on diabetic things and dispensing advice.  Well intentioned, yes, but frequently way off the mark.  (She wanted to know why I don't look like MTM since we're both diabetic!  I could lose some- okay, a lot of weight, and only approach MTM in my dreams.)  My current endo - a younger guy - is very approachable and basically I only see him when I need scripts, blood work, etc.  I adj!
ust my own basals as he doesn't want to touch 'playing' with my basal rates as I use an unendorsed humalog-regular ratio (his words) in my pump.  I just tell him - frequently - what I'm doing(or have done) and when.  I seem to work best with the younger endos and have found, for me, that almost all of the nurses, CDE's and older endo's do not appreciate my attitude of self-care. They certainly don't like hearing 'what I found out on the internet' and believe me I've been steered in the wrong direction my many docs etc. (Okay guys I said MY EXPERIENCE- YMMV!)  I try to keep the attitude of "I'm the expert and they're working for me- gathering info and helping me."  Yeah, okay, so I have a tiny bit of an authority problem.  

The two line summary:  If you've been diabetic for only a few years, you should level with your endo or get another one.  In fact, I'd recommend getting another one if you possibly can. You need someone you can work WITH - not an opponent.  Otherwise, IF you screw up and end up 'partying with the paramedics'(as Randall once put it) your doc won't be clueless.  Good luck.

 ---- On Jul 20 Donna <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> I recommend having a long talk with your endo.  You could be playing with fire. 
> I would assume that your endo will be using the dosages that she THINKS you are
> using which could lead to some problems when first starting the pump.  Don't be
> surprised if she decides you can't handle the pump because of your unwillingness
> to switch to U or follow her medical advice. 
> Good Luck
> Donna
> Karen Cleaver wrote:
> > 
> > I talked to my MM rep today, and hopefully in about a
> > week I will know if my insurance will cover my pump
> > and supplies (AETNA).  This has been a very long
> > process for me and I wanted to get some feedback if I
> > can.  I began seeing my endo in March.  The first
> > visit I told her the reason I was seeing her was to
> > get a pump, but that my PCP didn't know much about
> > them, so he referred me to her.  She stated she didn't
> > know of any dr. who would say okay on the first visit.
> >  I agreed - she needed to see how my sugars were
> > running, etc.  She changed me from NPH to Ultralente.
> > After about 1 week of erratic bs, I told her I felt
> > more comfortable with NPH & was switching back.  I
> > guess she ignored that, because she still thinks I'm
> > on U.  My dilemma:  my husband is extremely upset w/me
> > because he thinks I am lying to the endo.  I have to
> > fax my bs in once a week, which I do; however, they
> > are based on my using NPH (and Humalog when
> > necessary).  He feels I am lying to her and therefore
> > she won't have a true reading.  I tried explaining
> > that after I am on the pump, it won't matter whether I
> > used NPH or U, the only insulin used in the pump is H
> > or R.  I can't seem to make him understand that.  I've
> > been on NPH and R or H for 16 years.  I'm not opposed
> > to change, but I can't see why I would need to swith
> > to U now, when my goal is the pump and to get away
> > from long acting insulin altogether. (By the way,
> > every week I fax in my bs, my endo changes my doses,
> > which again I do not do.  Apparantley she doesn't take
> > in to consideration things like stress, exercise,
> > missed meals, overeating, etc.)  Am I totally off my
> > rocker or am I right on the money?  I'd appreciate any
> > feedback!
> > karen
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