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Subject: Re: [IP] BS & Insulin Question

I have to answer this as a doctor, rather than my usual stance as Jenna's
mom.  There's nothing that is more frustrating to deal with than
dishonestly.  You recommend treatment plans and changes, they're not
working, so you tweak some more and nothing gets better.  Most doctors do
put a fair amount of thought into problem solving.  So, when what we
recommend isn't working, it's very frustrating to us.  And when it's not
working because you're not doing it, then it makes us want to give up on
you.  If  you cannot have an honest discussion with your endo about the
problems you have with  U, then find another endo.  But you will never get
anywhere with dishonesty.

Nancy Morgan, MD this time, instead of mom of Jenna

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 23:32:16 -0400
From: Donna <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] BS & Insulin Question

Karen Cleaver wrote:
I began seeing my endo in March.  The first
> visit I told her the reason I was seeing her was to
> get a pump, but that my PCP didn't know much about
> them, so he referred me to her.  She stated she didn't
> know of any dr. who would say okay on the first visit.
>  I agreed - she needed to see how my sugars were
> running, etc.  She changed me from NPH to Ultralente.
> After about 1 week of erratic bs, I told her I felt
> more comfortable with NPH & was switching back.  I
> guess she ignored that, because she still thinks I'm
> on U.  ....(By the way,
> every week I fax in my bs, my endo changes my doses,
> which again I do not do.  Apparantley she doesn't take
> in to consideration things like stress, exercise,
> missed meals, overeating, etc.)  Am I totally off my
> rocker or am I right on the money?  I'd appreciate any
> feedback!
> karen

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