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Re: [IP] is their something new from MM ??

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, David Winegarden wrote:

> Brian and all IP,
> <FDA had just approved an implantable device that
> alarms when BGs drop to low..>
> That is a month-old and anticipating future development from
> what we have already seen, 14June99 from our dear Minimed and
> the "Glucose Sensor" we won't be able to read or get any numbers
> out of "while wearing it" for the 3-days that doctors will get to

No, there is another company ANIMAS that has some new stuff. It was in a 
thread from last month


The first URL contains the announcment and a link to their website.

It's all hype at this point, but it says this:
Product Line or Service The Company is developing an insulin infusion 
pump and an implantable optical glucose sensor for insulin-dependent 
diabetics. The sensor will be a long-term implantable device (5 years 
or longer), will make measurements on a quasi continuous basis (once 
every two minutes), and will make a direct measurement of blood glucose as 
opposed to an inferred measurement (of some other body fluid). Dates 
of market introduction of pump and glucose sensor are mid-1999 and 2001, 
respectively. Ultimately, the Company plans to couple its sensor and 
pump together to provide closed-loop control of blood sugar.


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