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[IP] FW: UVA and the pump

My son went on the pump at UVA last August.  I experienced the same thing
you did.  A resident watched the Disetronic training video with us and sat
in on Eric's training.  When they would come in with Eric's orders, they
would tell him what to do and then look at me and go, right?  

I had read pumping insulin and talked to a lot of people with kids on pumps,
so I felt pretty knowledgeable about what was going on.  I, like you, felt
that I knew more than some of them.  Eric said he felt like Dr. Clarkes
guinea pig.  I think Eric was among the first 5 patients Dr. Clarke put on
the pump.

So, don't be offended by the comments here at IP.   I know where you are

Betsy Smith

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