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[IP] Endo Visit

I just had to share the wonderful news.  Spencer had an endo appointment
today and his A1C was.......6.7.  I was thrilled.  I still haven't
gotten the results of his timed urine test (no thats not to see how fast
he goes to the bathroom) :-)  Our endo didn't think it was neccessary to
do a 24 hour urine test just an overnight one. :-(  He also told me
again how he didn't think it was a good idea to do a carb to insulin
ratio for food.  He said its better to have set carbs at each meal and a
set insulin bolus.  I just sat there thinking to myself "you don't have
a clue what a pump can really do".  He knows we use the carb to insulin
ratio.  Too bad the insurance companies won't pay for the endo we DO
want.  Also, they now have computers in the rooms so you can play on
them while you wait for the Dr.s, figures this time he wasn't late for
the appointment. :-)

Thanks for listening,
Lisa D. (Spencer's Mom)
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