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[IP] "Freedom" - now I get it

I have been on the pump for 12 days now.  I have not felt any freedom yet.  I 
am working harder at this than ever.  True I don't have to give three 
injections a day anymore, I am now testing my bs ten times a day and more, 
treating highs I never had before and at least four lows, lower than I ever 
had before.  Setting my clock for 3:00am is also not my usual thing.  All of 
this will be worth it if I can attain a normal bs and not have to eat if I 
don't wish to.  I have put on a few pounds feeding my lows.  We have made one 
set of basal changes and cut out my afternoon snack and bolus for that.  We 
are also considering putting the pump in suspended during the afternoon when 
I have most of my lows.  You make one change and somethingelse pops up.   
Help!  How long could this take?

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