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[IP] BS & Insulin Question

I talked to my MM rep today, and hopefully in about a
week I will know if my insurance will cover my pump
and supplies (AETNA).  This has been a very long
process for me and I wanted to get some feedback if I
can.  I began seeing my endo in March.  The first
visit I told her the reason I was seeing her was to
get a pump, but that my PCP didn't know much about
them, so he referred me to her.  She stated she didn't
know of any dr. who would say okay on the first visit.
 I agreed - she needed to see how my sugars were
running, etc.  She changed me from NPH to Ultralente. 
After about 1 week of erratic bs, I told her I felt
more comfortable with NPH & was switching back.  I
guess she ignored that, because she still thinks I'm
on U.  My dilemma:  my husband is extremely upset w/me
because he thinks I am lying to the endo.  I have to
fax my bs in once a week, which I do; however, they
are based on my using NPH (and Humalog when
necessary).  He feels I am lying to her and therefore
she won't have a true reading.  I tried explaining
that after I am on the pump, it won't matter whether I
used NPH or U, the only insulin used in the pump is H
or R.  I can't seem to make him understand that.  I've
been on NPH and R or H for 16 years.  I'm not opposed
to change, but I can't see why I would need to swith
to U now, when my goal is the pump and to get away
from long acting insulin altogether. (By the way,
every week I fax in my bs, my endo changes my doses,
which again I do not do.  Apparantley she doesn't take
in to consideration things like stress, exercise,
missed meals, overeating, etc.)  Am I totally off my
rocker or am I right on the money?  I'd appreciate any

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