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Re: [IP] Shipping Insulin -Michael et al.

> Michael-
> Had a restless nite last nite thinking about those poor Russian kids
> without insulin or very little.  Since I've been in that position
> myself lately, in anticipation of having to give up my pump (can't
> afford the pump supplies any longer!) my endo gave me quite a bit of
> Lente to help me over the next several months. (I'll be using Lente
> again when I return to MDI- darn!!) and I certainly could spare a
> bottle or two of my largess.  One caveat:  How to ship it.  It's 97
> degrees today, as it is most summer daThanks to all who respond.

Dunno, I forwarded the message to the list. I received if from Ellen 
at CamelsRUs. The contact info is in the message. 

sorry I can't be of more assistance, but this is not something I'm 
directly involved in.

email @ redacted
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