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[IP] Freedom

I've always been a little skeptical of the use of the word "Freedom" in 
relation to using the insulin pump until last night.  Andrea has always 
counted carbs and she often took extra insulin to cover any extra food she 
wanted.  But after last night, I think the freedom of the pump comes not from 
"getting to eat whenever and whatever you want" -- but from NOT HAVING TO EAT 
if you don't want to.  Andrea wasn't hungry before Cross Country practice (at 
5:30 PM for Pete's sake) and wasn't really hungry after either.  We just 
looked at each other and grinned!!  Not hungry -- Don't eat!  (Of course, I'm 
not recommending skipping dinner as a constant practice -- but it sure felt 
good after 6 years of watching the clock and force feeding my daughter!)

Liz B.
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