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[IP] Is pricing a pump like brokering a Middle East peace?

Whoever said "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" was right. I
called my insurance today to see how the price wars
between the two pump manufacturers is going and the insurance lady told me
she has to negotiate so give her until Friday.
   I think I'm being jerked around again  and before dismissing  this
possibility, consider that after July 31, this insurer WILL no longer be my
employer's insurance. I think the insurance company has figured that out and
are dragging their feet.
   My doctor's office has their approval for the pump in writing but the
chief financial officer of my company said until I have the pump in my hand
and the bill has been issued it's not a done deal.
    (WHINE DEPARTMENT: This has been the pits.. First I can't find out if my
employer  is keeping the same insurance or  when they will change; next one
doctor then the Endo goes on vacation delaying the order from going in for
two weeks, then the insurance company sits on everything for three weeks
approving it, and now this. END WHINE)
   I can't see what should take so long about choosing.  They get one price.
They get the other and  pick the lowest. What's so hard? (BTW, I've told
them my preference, for whatever good that will do)
    Do you think I should really wait to call them until Friday. Seems to me
they are just going to tell me on Friday, "Nothing yet. Call back Monday."
By then they will be in spitting distance of the end of my coverage. It is
illegal for them to deny me coverage because my company's contract is
running out. but how do I prove it?

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