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[IP] Re: Kelly's Tea Party

When my daughter was first diagnosed we had a dietitian that kept saying
“sugar is evil, it will rot your teeth”. She want my daughter to tell this
to her friends when they were eating sweets. “Fresh fruit is sweet enough
and is better for you”. She also said no cake with or without frosting, ice
cream, or candy. She also said she raised 4 children and they never had
cake, ice cream or candy (poor kids). She made them give all their Halloween
candy away. She said no to everything but fruits, vegetables and lean meats.
My daughter’s birthday was less than 2 months away. My than 8 yr. old was in
tears by the time we left. Being new to this, we thought she was right. Boy,
were we wrong. In the three years since we have learn a lot. Eve now works
occasional sweets into her meal plan. This is one of our many horror

Deborah-mom to 12yr old Eve

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Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 10:44 AM
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><snip> So I breathed a sigh
>>of relief.....until she continued......"I took the pb&j sandwich away
>>from Kelly as the jelly isn't sugar free, but she can have turkey (Kelly
>>hates turkey).  I told her not to have any fresh fruit, and I'll go get
>>her a sugar free jello. I'll scape the frosting off the cupcake....blah,
>>blah, blah"
>Ok question, before the pump did a lot of the parents out there not
>their children to have pb&j, fresh fruit, frosting covered cupcakes,
>I was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 4, and was reasonably picky eater.
>I ate pb&j every day for lunch until I was 14 with real welches grape
>jelly.  I still eat it every once in a while, though now I prefer
>On Wonder Bread too!!! :)  I eat tons of fresh fruit. And
>every bday party I ever went to I always got a slice of cake, frosting
>all. (My mom usually added an extra unit of R).  I didn't eat cake all
>the time
>mind you, but always at bday parties and always, ALWAYS, with frosting.
>'Cause that is the best part.  Frostingless cupcakes have never touched
>these lips and never caused a problem if covered correctly.
>Just wondering, sorry for those poor cupcakes without frosting. :(
>-- Sherry
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