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[IP] New Insulin called Largine?

Spoke with my endocrinologist today and he mentioned a new insulin called Largine (no idea how it's spelled or whether it's a brand name) that has a square wave effect.  As many of you know I will probably have to give up my pump eventually (I keep thinking of Sara's words in a recent post "pulling the pump from her dead hands" - [something like that anyway]) due to an inability to secure anymore pump supplies, and I think that's why the doc mentioned it to me.  He said something about 'dropping' a couple of the amino acids- I'm clueless here folks and I can't imagine using anything like that in a pump, or why one would want to.  Now MDI people might benefit if they had pizza for dinner, but ...  You know anything about this?  Sounds like we've got a bevy of new insulins becoming available.

 ---- On Jul 18 John Neale <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> > Well you might be right here, but I don't think it would be that easy to
> > predict those effects on the cardiovascular system.  It is very
> >multifactorial,
> > and your genes are proabably the biggest factor. Too bad we can't just take
> > our old genes and throw them in the wash :-)
> You have another option: choose a wife and have kids! (Which I believe
> you've done already. Perhaps theirs will be better :-)
> > Actually the opposite is true.  In control system analysis, adding delays or
> > integrals will lead to instabilities.   Faster (even adding
> >derivatives--pardon
> > the high tech) is better for stability.
> Che? I think we're throwing technical terms around out of context here... so I
> won't go for the jugular. But a bit of damping in the right place is
> essential in
> feedback mechanisms.
> > For us pumpers, though, too fast absorption could cause problems mainly
> > because we often don't have a clue as to what our GI system is doing with
> > what we eat. However, I'd be happier with an insulin that worked about
> > twice as fast as humalog.  Any faster and I'd be worried.
> Wayne, have you tried giving yourself your insulin intravenously? In the arm
> like a heroin user. Regular works as fast as Humalog in that context, and is
> gone from the system within 20 minutes. Just what you want... I'm not really
> sure why this method isn't used at home more often. Bring down a
> mega-high in 20 minutes. No crash.
> Novo-Nordisk have a new lispro insulin called Rapid that is in the last stages
> of clinical trials in Europe. Within 6 months it should be licenced for sale
> here. I've no idea how far advanced the trials are in the US. For people who
> have problems with Humalog, Rapid will be an option worth trying. It's
> possible it won't cause the same loss of absorbtion that Humalog causes many
> people.
> > Yes, there are tremendous things going on in many research areas that bear
> > on diabetes.  I too think that the best solution will be found with
> >replaceable
> > beta cells.  With the intense research going on in immunology, it think it is
> > very likely that the rejection problem with foreign beta cells will be
> >solved in
> > the near future.  I think you can almost already get 3 month injections, but
> > I'm looking toward 3 year (or longer) boosters.
> They harvest them from dead bodies don't they? Expensive and great risk of
> catching diseases from the donor I believe. The race is on to grow the
> things in laboratories. Then it can hit the mass market.
> > Maybe in even less than 10
> > years.   A word of warning to all you Minimed stock holders--don't hold that
> > stock too long *S* -wayne
> Disetronic pumps are already being marketed hard as general drug delivery
> devices, in anticipation of a collapse of the insulin-delivery market...
> John
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