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Re: [IP] Dawn phenomenon

In a message dated 7/18/99 8:03:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have a question about dawn phenomenon.What exactly is it, and how do you 
overcome it? I believe my daughter may have it. In the morning if she doesn't 
eat, her basal rate is just fine, but if she eats, she goes way up to 300 an 
hour and a half later. If I give her a large enough bolus so she gets a semi- 
resonalble number..say a 173 an hour and a half after eating, she will drop 
to a 57 by lunch. Does this sound like dawn ph.? I have tried waiting for 10 
mins. after bolusing to have her eat, but feel nervious having her wait any 
longer. Besides, it doesn't sem to make a difference. Her morning BGs are 
usually around 100. Thanks in advance for your input. Linda M.
Linda my dawn happens regardless of if I eat or not.  I have been 
hospitalized twice and off long acting insulin to observe what would happen.  
I will start off the night at below 120 remain that way into the early am(2). 
 Then I will begin to have a dramatic rise in blood sugars which starts about 
3:30 for me.  I will see this rise continue until about 9:00.  I have gone up 
as much as 300 mg/dl in that time.  My rise is always at least 200 points 
higher.  Which means I would always start off with a fasting in the 250-400 
range. It would be difficult too get it down as the morning wore on and with 
the added food intake. But I have always had a rise no matter if I ate or 

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