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[IP] Those darn typos

I thought I would share a funny incident that happened to me.  I wrote an e
mail to my sister telling her how much I loved my new pump but complained
that the supplies cost so much and that I still don't know if I will get
any help from my insurance company to defray the cost.  I said that being
diabetic was like having a very expensive drug habit and that maybe I would
have to finance this habit the way many drug addicts do, i.e. by 'working
the streets."  About a week later I ran into some problems when my basal
rate suddenly seemed to be too low, and I thought my pump was
malfunctioning. Has anyone noticed that the character 'i' is right next to
the 'u" on the keyboard?  I guess I wrote to her that my pimp was not
working properly instead of saying that my pump was not working properly.
She said she got quite a shock!  Once she read the full e mail she realized
that I had not been driven to desperate means to finance my drug habit.  
Here in Alberta you get free syringes if you are a drug addict under the
needle exchange program but diabetics have to pay for their own if they
don't have insurance.  Fair isn't it!  

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