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Dear Sally,

Thanks for your reply.

I agree UVA is a wonderful university and hospital...my husband too graduated 
from UVA with a Computer Eng. Degree. My only comment was that when my son 
was in the hospital, they were learning from US on the workings of the pump! 
We taught them a lot of information on it. The  young doctors would all 
huddle in a pack and share what we told them, and come back with a plan of 
attack when WE are the ones that told them. I found that humerous. Yes, I 
know that a Endocrinology Dept is not just for Diabetes too...and that the #5 
rating in the Nation entails much more that our doc.

I'm actually a pretty smart person, (RN) with a very positive attitude. :)  I 
dont think you should judge me by one posting. 

Anyway, I didnt want things left the way they were. 

Mom of Kevin, 11
dx 12/98 and pumping since May
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