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[IP] pregnancy benefits

Vicki wrote:

> When I was awaiting my pump start-up in the fall of 97 (started 
> in March of 98)  my CDE told me if I got pregnant I could start 
> immediately because they believe the control needs to be immediate.  

I am tired of being discriminated against becasue I am NOT contributing to 
the population explosion!!   Back in 1994, I had a rider on my insurance 
policy completely excluding ANYTHING to do with my eyes, since i had had so 
much laser.  My doctor was lasering me for free and/or at greatly reduced 
cost.  We were trying to decide how I could afford a vitrectomy so I called 
welfare to find out what my options were and if they could help at all.  Sit 
down for this...They could do nothing for me...unless I WAS PREGNANT!!!  I 
would qualify for all kinds of health assistance, INCLUDING THE VITRECTOMY, 
if I was knocked up....but NOT if I wasn't!!!  

Fortunately for me, the state of Florida decided these kinds of riders were 
illegal and changed my policy (in fact they had changed it the year PRIOR, 
and never bothered to inform me....) and I was able to have the vitrectomy.  
Single women who are responsible enough to choose not to have babies are 
DISCRIMINATED against in this country!!!  We can't get food stamps either, 
and as a former starving actor, believe me, I tried!!  

If you are single, and wanna have a baby that is fine by me, since I have 
often contemplated a sperm bank withdrawal myself, but you sure better have 
the financial ability to do so, in my personal opinion...or have the 
insurance needs that make having a baby so appealing!

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