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[IP] Countdown for Kids

Forgive me if this is old news... but I've just received my Summer 1999
copy of Countdown, the JDF International magazine.

The pull-out kids section in the middle is entirely devoted to pumps...
featuring The Pump Girls (of course! :-), Pump Boy (who he?), interview
with 5 kids - 2 on pumps, 3 on injections. Insulin Pumpers get a big
mention, as does KisRPumping and the webring...

This your work Michael?

It was fairly balanced... spreading the good news, but also being
realistic. 16-year-old Ben writes: "I worked as a counselor at Joslin this
summer... Kids came on pumps with wild control. So I haven't really seen -
except with the counselors' pumps - it be effective. But I guess if you use
it right it can be effective"

I think that sums it up fairly well, don't you?


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