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Re: [IP] How much fat is too much?

>John is that really true that R would leave your system in twenty minutes
>or so, if injected into the blood stream? Is there any technical data on
>this. I just might have to try a little test. Hmmmm.
>Jeff Grillo

Jeff - I've just done a quick net search, and haven't found anything. 20
minutes is a figure I've heard reliably quoted before. Any pharmocological
text book should quote the figure.

If you are on a drip in hospital, they will often put the soluble insulin
into the drip bag. They then have tight control over the insulin level of
your blood. Whether you can do it directly in concentrated form, I don't
know. But you mustn't take long-acting cloudy insulin intravenously. That's
very dangerous as the undissolved white crystals can get blocked in small
blood vessels.

If you do this Jeff, it is ENTIRELY at your own risk... YOU HAVE BEEN
WARNED. It's not standard practice, but I don't know why. A doctor-friend
told me story of a mother (who was a senior nurse) giving her diabetic
daughter a small intravenous injection to bring down a high. When she later
told her endo what she had done, the child was taken into care and the
mother charged with battery. The case did not rest on the fact that she had
done anything dangerous, but merely that she had performed a medical
procedure that a doctor had not authorised. It was a highly complex and
emotionally charged case. I don't know what the outcome was.


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