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Re: [IP] Recieving Personal Messages

At 10:34 PM 7/18/1999  Susan K wrote:
>I am still receiving your personal replies to other people
>in my inbox.  Could you please fix it?

At the top of each message does it say TO: email @ redacted or does 
it have your personal email address? If it had the Insulin-Pumpers address 
you are getting normal email from this list. This is the way it is supposed 
to work. Everyone sees everyone else's messages that are posted to this 
list... in this way we can share information with each other.

Don't get fooled by the FROM box, since it will always have the original 
posters name. This doesn't mean that the message came directly from them to 
you. The TO: field will let you know where the message really came from.

If, on the other hand the TO: field has your personal email address. 
Someone is sending mail specifically to you. In this case, you need to 
reply directly to them to get it to stop. Remember, if you hit reply button 
the TO: field on your reply message will clue you in as to where the 
original message actually came from.


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