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RE:[IP] First Weekend on the Pump

Congratulations and welcome to the world of spontanaeity and joy
again!!  May the fleas of a thousand elephants run up that person's nose
LOL!  Imagine her taking things into her own hands after talking to
you....just another ill-informed person I guess, who thought she was
doing the right thing.  But then again....I still go for the fleas <vbg>

The pump is not without its frustrations, but it is worth every minute
of it when you see your children running, swimming, eating roasted
marshmallows, and all when they WANT to.  No more rushing to get home
before that NPH hits its peak and there isn't any food in the car and
the corner store is closed.....no more eating before everybody else
because it is 'time' to......sleeping in.....gotta love it!

All the best to you and your happy new pumper.

Barb....Erica's mom

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