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[IP] QID wakes from the dead - call the National Enquirer!

Michael - you were right!!!!  Should I call Medisense  (Abbott)? Nah. They 
told me it would be dead forever and are sending me a new one.  Of course 
I'll take the new one and slip a note in there with a copy of your IP post in 
response to mine.  Thanks :-) 

 (You said as long as there are no batteries - there are  4 button-type 
batteries inside the meter maybe they didn't get wet?  This is a clear 
precision qid)

> Zachary was asked to clean his meter case because it had some blood
> in it...darling child ran the whole thing under the faucet - METER
> and all - You have got to love this kid.. Please extend your
> condolences to his clear green Precision QID - RIP. 

Water generally does not hurt electronics AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ON and 
there are no batteries.  Soap and water are used to clean electronic 
assemblies routinely. Trapped water can be a problem. Remove any 
doors, covers, etc.... if you can open the meter case do so. Leave it 
in a warm place to dry for a day or two (on top of your set top cable 
converter ) or some other place where there is excess heat. It should 
work again in a few days.

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