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Re: [IP] Dawn phenomenon

> So does that mean I have this XX?  It kind of sounds like it.  So if
> you find the name, let me know so I can categorize it.  :)
Yep, you got it. Lily's doctor gave me an explanation a couple of 
years ago after we'd sorted it all out. He used a lot of the nice 
long "doctor" words, and I can't remember all the technical names, 
just how it works. The one interesting thing was that Lily never had 
XX on weekends unless she got up early (good luck!), only on school 
days. Basically if she got extra rest of an hour or more, the bg rise 
did not occur which is very interesting.

Anyway, I've always contended that the mathmatical relation ship 
between the various ratios carb/insulin, carb/bg, and bg/insulin 
REQUIRES that the meal bolus ratio must remain constant and that any 
variation is caused by other factors which should be investigated and 
compensated for independently. Your little test with the double 
serving of carbs for breakfast is a good example of why variable 
carb/insulin ratios should not be used. You've clearly found the 
answer with the "wake up" bolus.

Have you ever eaten a 0 carb breakfast and checked the bg rise??

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